Development of hollow bubbles or water droplets in paint film.

The Causes

  • Improper cleaning of moisture before repainting

  • Insufficient drying time after wet sanding of polyester putty
  • Water / oil droplets in compressed air

  • Wet sanding on bare metal

How to Fix

  1. Sand & clean substrates thoroughly with Nax Degreaser
  2. Repaint with Alternative Products listed
  3. Remarks: Use dry sanding for polyester putty
  4. Sand to remove affected area and repaint

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Nax Degreaser

A degreasing and cleaning agent for degreasing and cleaning grease, oil, wax, silicone and dirt on the surface or old paint film of the repaired area before repainting.

  • Easy Cleaning
  • Fast Dry
  • Mild Odour
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