Colour Fading

UV destruction on paint film

The Causes

  • Colour with poor resistance to ultra violet

  • Paint with insufficient UV additive

How to Fix

  1. Sand & clean defective area
  2. Repaint with Nax Premila 9800 Clear 2K Premium Hi Solid 2:1, Nax Crystal 9905, Nax Superio 221 2K Clear, or Nippon Ultima 8600 High Solid 2:1 Top Coat Clear to improve UV resistance

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Specially Recommended

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Nax Crystal 9905 & Nax Crystal 905 2K Hardener

A self healing ,high solid acrylic urethane mirror finish clear based on patented Cyglaz® Technology.

It is designed to ensure integrated disparate features like toughness and flexibility into the same molecule, giving greater abrasion resistance and self healing properties.

  • Car Free Maintenance
  • Superb Scratch Resistance
  • Outstanding Chemical Resistance
  • Mirror-Like Reflection
  • Long-lasting Shine
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