Decomposition, rusting, or oxidation of a metal in contact with its environment.

The Causes

  • Improper preparation of metal
  • Moisture penetration from damaged paint onto metal substrate

How to Fix

  1. Remove damaged paintwork by sanding, stripping, or sandblasting
  2. Clean the area thoroughly with Nax Degreaser
  3. Repaint with Nippon Ultima U-750 Epoxy Primer or with Alternative Products listed

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Specially Recommended

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Nax Degreaser

A degreasing and cleaning agent for degreasing and cleaning grease, oil, wax, silicone and dirt on the surface or old paint film of the repaired area before repainting.

  • Easy Cleaning
  • Fast Dry
  • Mild Odour
Technical Datasheet

Nippon Ultima U-750 Epoxy Primer

Two-pack chromate free, fast drying anti-corrosive primer for pre-treatment for light metals and alloys.

Can be used over abrasive blasted steel to provide optimal corrosion protection and adhesion to the subsequently applied coatings.

  • Excellent adhesion
  • Good corrosion and chemical resistance
  • Good filling and hiding properties
  • Fast drying
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